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Welcome to the Online Licenses Service

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Things you should know before getting a license

Click the I am a Resident button if you are Montana resident.

Click the I am a Nonresident button if you are not a resident of Montana.

Click the Nonresident Active Military button if you are a nonresident or the spouse or dependent of a nonresident STATIONED IN MONTANA for at least 30 days.

Click the Native Montanan button if you are a nonresident born in Montana with immediate family still residing in Montana and do not have the QUALIFIED NR NATIVE MT certification for the current license year.

Click the Nonresident College Student button if you are a nonresident currently enrolled as a student at a college or university in Montana, with 12 credits or more as an undergraduate and 9 credits or more as a graduate student.

Important Information

Please double check your purchase or application prior to the final submission. Once an application has been entered, or an over the counter license has been purchased, it is final and cannot be changed.

Go Digital: Montana's MyFWP Mobile App

  • Securely store and display licenses, permits and digital carcass tags (E-Tags)
  • Access even without cell service
  • Validate your E-tag after your harvest
  • By Montana law, no GPS location data is shared with FWP

Learn more Details and Instructions on FWP's website

Printing Your License

Licenses, permits and carcass tags should be printed on plain white 8" x 11" paper. All license and non-carcass tags will be attached to the receipt email from FWP after your purchase. If you purchase or apply for carcass tags, you will choose from these delivery options in the Final Shopping Cart:

  • Print your tags at home using the link included in your receipt email from FWP
  • Have FWP print and mail the tags to you
  • Choose digital carcass tags (E-tags) to download to your mobile device

If you do not print carcass tags within 5 days of purchase, FWP will automatically print and mail them to you.